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External Automatic Tuner + FT-991 + Ham Radio DeLux

As you know ATU in FT-991 in many cases does not work well enough. From my point of view this ATU is a piece of shit.
I do have an old LDG AT-100Pro tuner, so I decided to use it. Taking into account that FT-991 and LDG AT-100Pro does not talk each other, I decided to use Ham Radio DeLux[HRD] software to sort it out.
My goal was to use the previously saved ATU memories(for my antennas). I accomplished this by:

Defining a new button in HRD, button which contains CAT commands for FT-991 which I took from “FT-991_CAT_OM_ENG_1502-B0.pdf

Title → Button name, so keep it short
CAT commands I used:
@ 500

AB; → copy VFO A to VFO B
PC010; → reduces power to 10 Watts
MD04; → sets the FM modulation
MX1; → turn on MOX, in other words, press PTT
@ 500 → special command from HRD, its a delay 0,5 sec. (enough for me, probably you will need more time
MX0; → turn off MOX function
BA; → copy back VFO B to VFO A
PC100; → increase RF power to 100 Watts

Now, when we created such button, we need to add it in the “Radio Pane” in the HRD Logbook as you can see below (marked on RED):

That's all. I would add that it works very well for me.

73 de SQ5JUP,
Last modified: 11.Jul.2018