SQ5JUP - Welcome !
RCForb & N1MM configuration
(having FT-991 at home)


RCForb Server Version: 0.7.6139.21539 32 bit

RCForb client Version: 0.9.144 Build 18605

Steps to follow:

From RCForb server choose „Option” → Elecraft K3 Emulation (VCOM)

From RCForb client choose „Virtual Devices” and choose not used COM port for „Virtual K3”

Virtual HRD” is for Ham Radio DeLux software
Note: each time you modify here something, you must restart your RCForb client application.

From N1MM Logging program choose „Config” → „Configure Ports, Mode Control, Audio, Other ...”

Now click „Set” button and set accordingly:

That's all OP's. See you in the contest.

73 de SQ5JUP,

Last modified: 11.Jul.2018