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WSJT - Icom PTT/TX issue

While using WSJT software (FSK441) for meteor scatter propagation type I faced an PTT/TX issue. I was not able to do a automatic PTT/TX to transmit my FSK441 signal. It turned out  that ICOM’s (tested on IC-746PRO and IC-9100) can’t do that natively.
Searching for a solution, I have found a page where another piece of software do PTT/TX for me using virtual COM port.
Software name: CAT7200
Installation steps: Very well described on the given page. As a shortcut, before starting CAT7200 software install a DLL (64 or 32bit, depends on your system) which will create a Virtual COM port. When this step is done, you are ready to use CAT7200 (remember, CAT port -> port where the frequency is read from the radio; Application port -> Virtual port number, the one you just installed using DLL)
As I already wrote, it was tested using IC-746PRO and IC-9100.

73 de SQ5JUP,

Last modified: 11.Jul.2018